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Eternal Thai Massage

Relax,Rejuvenate and Heal at out
Thai Massage Spa

Experience deep relaxation and powerful healing with the ancient art of Thai massage. Our staff are experts at using Thai massage to create a deep sense of relaxation while also addressing potential sources of physical discomfort In the body.

Relaxation and Wellness and Healing

We Use Thai Massage for two distinct but related purposes: Relaxation and the reduction of muscle related discomfort.

Variety of Techniques

We are experts in the use of several types of Thai massage and employ the ones that our most supportive of our clients' individual goals. Certain techniques are well suited to create the deep sense of relaxation sought by many client. Others are best able to address discomfort in areas like the lower back and elsewhere, Often, a combination of several technical can offer the best results.

Effectiveness and Benefits

Studies have shown Thai massage can increase a person's flexibility and range of motion by increasing the amount of blood flow reaching muscles, increasing those muscles oxygen supply. Research has also shown the ability of Thai massage to effectively address lower back pain and pain other parts of the body. Thai massage can have other positive impacts on person's wellbeing by reducing stress and encouraging relaxation.

Skilled Massage Technicians

All Thai massage is not created equal. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience in using Thai massage to improve people's wellbeing. They regularly attend training courses hosted by the Thai Embassy in Washington, ensuring they remain informed and well-practiced in the use of both new techniques and old.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Eternal Thai Massage prioritizes creating is safe and welcoming environment and we understand that massage can be intimidating for new clients. Even clients who are well accustomed to massage cannot experience is powerful benefits unless they are fully comfortable in our spa's environment.

Massage Therapists

Yudy has practiced Massage Therapy for more than a decade in California and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, including since 2023 in Annapolis, MD. She is a graduate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a member of the Nuad Thai and Spa Association of America and specializes in Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage. Her experience in these varied techniques allows her to craft massage programs that are individually tailored to the needs of her clients. She regular attends training sessions at the Thai Embassy In Washington, D.C. to maintain the currency of her skills. "I am fortunate to have a career I Love. I Love it because massage can offer people so many benefits and can improve their sense of wellbeing in fundamental ways. When people relax and move better, they feel better. And when they feel better physically, they also tend to feel better spiritually and emotionally. Practicing Thai massage has given me the opportunity to make real and positive impacts on people’s lives. This is my passion and helping people feel better has always been Important to me."


Eternal Thai Massage


$120/ 60 min$180/ 90 min$230/ 120 min

  • Traditional Thai floor massage
  • Traditional Thai table massage
  • Thai oil Fusion massage
  • Sport massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Swedish Relaxation massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Stretching session
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$60/ 30 min

  • Refreshment head shoulders
  • Head massage
  • Facial Massage
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$60/ 30 min$120/ 60 min

  • Reflexology (Foot Massage)
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Our Features

Discover the Benefits

Experience Authentic Thai Relaxation at Our Massage Spa!

Masterful Thai Masseurs
Let our skilled and certified Thai masseurs transport you to a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation with their expert hands.
Soothing Ambiance
Immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis designed to soothe your senses, complete with soft lighting, calming music, and fragrant aromatherapy.
Traditional Techniques
Indulge in the ancient art of Thai massage, incorporating stretching, acupressure, and rhythmic compressions to release tension and restore balance.
Personalized Treatments
Tailored to your specific needs, our massages are customized to target your areas of concern, ensuring maximum relaxation and therapeutic benefits.
Hygiene Excellence
Our spa maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, with sanitized equipment and fresh linens for every session.
Additional Services
Enhance your experience with optional add-ons such as herbal compress therapy, hot stone massages, or revitalizing body scrubs for a complete wellness journey.
Customer Satisfaction
Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with a memorable and blissful spa experience from start to finish.

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear for a Thai massage?

Comfortable,loose-fitting clothing is recommended for Thai massage sessions.

How long does a Thai massage last?

A typical Thai massage is 60 minutes to two hours long.

What are the benefits of a Thai massage?

Thai massage can help increase blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and improve flexibility.

What should I expect during a Thai massage?

During a Thai massage, you can expect to lie on a mat on the floor, with the therapist moving your body into various positions to stretch and compress your muscles.

Is a Thai massage painful?

Thai massage can be intense, but it should not be painful. If you experience pain during a Thai massage, be sure to communicate with your therapist.

How often should I get a Thai massage?

The frequency of Thai massage sessions depends on your individual needs and goals. Some people benefit from weekly sessions, while others may only need a session once a month.

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